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Welcome to Swedish Fishguiding Tours!!

We will supply you with, a guideboat (two diffrent guideboats), a fishingguide, all fishinggear (for all fishing methods), food/snacks, warm float-suits, (summer fishing, floatvest) etc. Our first language is of corse Swedish, but we allso speak fluent English and Finish (Suomi). We will gladly help you to break your personal best in pike, zander or which ever fish you choose to go after with us! Come as you are, we will take wery good care off you!!

Our main stream fish are pike, zander, seatrout, perch and salmon, and our normal fishingmethods are: Trolling with downriggers and planerboards, spinfishing, ice-fishing with livebait (more than 30 years off ice experience), float fishing (live & deadbait), fly-fishing (pike, perch and seatrout), floattrolling etc. Ask us what – YOU want to do!? We will then do our best to suit your needs!
We have good experience in all fishingmethods, and of corse every fishingday is just as special and important for us – as it is for you. Our boats and fishinggear is of the best quality, as is the fishing.

If you decide to fish with us for more than one day, we can help you with all the logistics to meat your requiremnts, Bead & Breakfurst, a nice cotage etc. The hotels in Stockholm city are easy to find on the internet, and you can allso use internet to translate this wedsite into your own langauge. If it is not found on the lists below.

Our fishguide, Mikael Puhakka has: ” Deck officer klass 7” licence, and he is allso ” Highspeed Boatqualified”. (The Swedish coastgard is werry active here, and keeps a list of licenced and regestered fishguides.)
“Eeryday is a new, exiting and a fun fishingadventure for us, Welcome Omboard!!”
Best regards, Mikael ”Mike Pike” Puhakka  (Ps. You can call me ”Mike”!)
Mikael Puhakka
Sammetsvägen 12
196 38 Kungsängen
Office nr dirrect: +46 8 29 86 49
Cellphone nr dirrect: +46 708 722 733